Charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” to take place at Tapa Military Base


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Performing at this year’s charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” to support the children of Estonian soldiers severely injured or killed in the line of duty will be Karl-Erik Taukar, Siiri Sisask, Getter Jaani, Grete Paia, Jaagup Tuisk, Inger and Merilin Mälk. The event will be broadcast live on Kanal 2 on 22 June at 8 pm.

Donations collected with the charity concert will be used by the Carolin Illenzeer Foundation to support the studies and hobby education of the children of Estonian soldiers severely injured or killed in the line of duty. Performing at the concert will be seven popular Estonian singers, whose enchanting performances will be broadcast live on 22 June at 8 pm on Kanal 2: Getter Jaani, who successfully represented Estonia at Eurovision; Grete Paia, who won the hearts of the audience at “Eesti Laul” music competition; Jaagup Tuisk and Merilin Mälk, who gained recognition at the “Estonia is Searching for a Superstar” competition; singer-songwriter Inger, who performed at the “Youth Band” and “Eesti Laul” competitions, as well as the popular singer Karl-Erik Taukar and soulful singer-songwriter Siiri Sisask. The musicians will be accompanied by the rock band of the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces and a wind quintet conducted by Teet Raik. They will perform their original songs as well as popular tunes from the wide selection of Estonian music. 

According to Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia and patron of the Foundation, the current coronavirus crisis has demonstrated that the Estonian people are still generous donors, especially when it comes to helping those experiencing hard times due to the current crisis. “At the same time, we must not ignore those who need our help and support also outside the current crisis. The charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” offers us all an opportunity to make a small contribution on the eve of the Victory Day in support of children whose parents were killed or seriously injured while defending the Estonian state,” said the Head of State of Estonia. 

Taking place for the ninth time, this year’s concert will be different from the usual due to the spread of the COVID-19. While in the previous times, the charity concert has been taking place in the same city as the Victory Day Parade, this time it will be organised at a closed military base in Tapa. The audience of this year’s concert will be members of the Estonian Defence Forces and allied soldiers serving at the Tapa Military Base. Through a live broadcast on Kanal 2, “Songs for a Soldier” will reach the homes of all Estonians. The broadcast on Kanal 2 will be available free-to-air. 

The Carolin Illenzeer Foundation invites people to make over-the-phone donations to support the children on its list. During its nine years of activity, the Foundation has supported families in sending their kids to universities and pursuing their hobbies, and has also provided school kits in the beginning of the school year. The Foundation has been named after Carolin Illenzeer, daughter of First Sergeant Arre Illenzeer who was killed during the foreign mission in Iraq in 2005.

Over-the-phone donations can already be made at 900 6705 (donation of 5€), 900 6715 (donation of 15€) and 900 6735 (donation of 35€). 

The charity concert “Songs for a Soldier” is organised in cooperation with Postimees Group.

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